What we Different from Others ?

What We Different from Others ?

We are different from others for what we bosses of knowledge and know how? We have plenty of experience that enable us to provide various alternative solutions for many tax related subjects as well as Zakat services and through comprehensive strategic programs.

Our team is highly experienced and qualified with years of financial consultancy and accounting practices. The experiences and qualifications that our team expertise provide are unique because are born from great real experiences that make Alrikaz team outstanding. Our team concentrate in providing many solutions which contradicts the one way solution that used by many old firms.

One of our most unique features is our desire to maintain honest accounting practices and relate that to scientific aspects of modern accounting and taxes and Zakat principles and regulations to achieve a Tax and Zakat system that is compatible with religious and legal aspects practically.

At Alrikaz, we are fully ready to move step by step with all the economic changes that international market is experiencing as well as the GCC economic condition. Also, we recognize the economic dynamics that the world is experiencing, especially the many newly Middle-East economic agreements.

Our goal is to prevent our clients from all related risks related to implementations of Taxes, especially newly introduced taxes, such as VAT and Excise Taxes, and Income Taxes for Foreign Companies operating in KSA. Our concentration is to enable companies avoid risk of paying penalties related to tax implementations and fully complying with local laws and regulations related to taxations.