Our services

What are the services we provide at Alrikaz?


Alrikaz Tax Consultation Services

  • VAT consultancy services
  • Preparation and delivering of VAT returns
  • Excise Taxes consultancy services
  • Corporate Income Taxes for Foreign Companies operating in KSA
  • Foreign Individuals Income Taxes

Alrikaz Zakat Consultation Services

  • Zakat consultancy services
  • Zakat appeals against GAZT decisions
  • Foreign companies’ Taxes consultations
  • Tax returns consolidation services
  • Preparation letters of easy payments

Alrikaz Training Services

  • Workshops and training programs of VAT
  • Workshops and training programs of ZAKAT
  • Workshops and training programs of Corporate Income Taxes (Foreign Entities)
  • General training programs of Taxation and Zakat
  • Training programs of Principles of Accounting (SOCPA related programs)

What do we deliver in the area of VAT Services?

  • Participate in VAT implementation through reviewing, planning, and implementation
  • Review, study, motivate, and implement all procedures related to tax accounting and related accounting procedures
  • Follow up all procedures related to activities of contracts, registrations, tax calculations, and follow up on complying with laws and regulations and verification of tax returns rules and payments
  • Train business firms and business organizations and prepare them to deal with VAT and its aspects
  • Provide all consolation services related to VAT
  • Review and audit all VAT tax return and submitting them to the GAZT

What can we deliver in VAT related area??

Our related work to VAT is always performed in line with all laws and regulation established on the frame-work of GCC VAT agreement and is always in compliances with local laws and regulation of the GCC.


Our VAT work is mainly concentrated on:

  • Answering all GAZT questions and preparing appeals on VAT issued to clients, in addition, to representing clients during GAZT committees and attending live audit that GAZT may perform on clients
  • Dealing with all messages that may be sent by GAZT to clients in relation to VAT returns
  • Delivering various alternatives of how to best use accounting procedures to implement VAT
  • Delivering tax advices to clients according to verified and legal information provided by clients
  • Reviewing of VAT implication on the business activities before sending the VAT return to the GAZT, in addition, to reviewing all related risk associated with VAT and all related parties such as clients, suppliers’ employees, and related regulators
  • Delivering work-shop and training programs to employees in charge of VAT implementation and couch those to full applications by answering all questions related to the Tax.
  • Providing Tax advices to companies in the area of VAT and its implementations