We provide highly professional training service for business enterprises and governmental entities in the fields of; tax & Zakat, banking management, corporate finance, investment, legal and regulations, business development, and marketing.

Tax Training Programs:

Value Added Taxes

Zakat Training Programs

International Taxes

Corporate Income Taxes In Saudi Arabia

Transfer Pricing

Excise Taxes


Banking Management Training Programs:

Financial Management Training Programs:

Fundamentals of finance

Finance for none finance

Fundamentals of Investment

Investment in stocks

Fundamental Analysis

Risk & Return in investment

Option Trading

Corporate Finance

Economic Feasibility Studies

Business and projects valuations

Fundamentals of Insurance Management

Financial Modeling

Economic & Business Development Programs

Fundamental of Microeconomics

Fundamentals of Macroeconomics

FDI in Saudi Arabia

Fiscal polices

Monterey policies

Saudi Economy

International Economics and trade

Economic development ideas

Current Economic events

Legal and Commercial Laws Programs:

Bankruptcy Laws in KSA

Loan Documentations

Legal Environment Of Business

Labor Laws in Saudi Arabia

Tax & Zakat Regulations in KSA

The Legal System in KSA

Foreign Investment Laws in KSA

Management & Marketing Programs:


Marketing techniques & methods



Public Relations

Blue Ocean

Advertising and promotions