Is a professional firm specialized in providing Tax & Zakat, legal, and business consultations. Our offices are currently located in all major regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have been delivering quality services to many large business organizations for more than ten years providing fast and admirable results

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Our professionals share a common background and vision and are selected based on quality, like-mindedness, and commitment to client service. Outstanding client service has and will continue to be our top priority

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We seek to be the benchmark for quality in our industry and the standard by which other firms are measured

We are one of the authorized firms by the GAZT to provide VAT training to clients.


Quality Service

We seek to be the benchmark for quality in our industry and the standard by which other firms are measured

Professional Leadership

Our professional directors and staff are the best and the brightest and we invest in our people to ensure that legacy and professional leadership


Our platform allows us to objectively serve as our client’s advocate; the only advice and solutions we offer are those that are in the best interest of our client


We believe in reaching-out for clients and open communication and sharing factual information and to achieve true and honest results


What makes us different from others?

We are different from others for what we bosses of knowledge and know how? We have plenty of experience that enable us to provide various alternative solutions for many tax related subjects as well as Zakat services and through comprehensive strategic programs.

Our team is highly experienced and qualified with years of financial consultancy and accounting practices. The experiences and qualifications that our team expertise provides are unique because are born from great real experiences that make Alrikaz team outstanding. Our team concentrate in providing many solutions which contradicts the one way solution that used by many old firms